Welcome to BauAir Studios!

Welcome! I have no idea how you found your way here but it’s damn nice that you did! This is the home of BauAir Studios, a one-man company focusing on the digital arts format encompassing mainly audio production and games.

Please take a look at my Music and Credits pages for some examples of my work so far. You can also check out the News page for the latest info and Twitter ramblings.

If you have a project in need of help with music composition, sound effects or game trailers, please don’t hesitate to contact me at mikael@bauair.se! Check out the About page for information about what I can offer for your project.

I believe that in order to add that final touch of soul to your game, you should start off with a base of rhythm, add a pinch of harmony and then sprinkle some melodies on top. If it’s done just right, it will be the ingredient that helps to create that special and unforgettable bond between the player and the game. This is always my aim when I start composing!